Thursday August 18th @ 6:00pm
Brexit happened: on June 23, 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. Many Brits celebrated what they called their Independence Day, while others fear that Brexit will severely damage the British economy and their status as a world powerhouse. More >

What we do

The Civic Series is a non-confrontational way for you to explore complex national or global current events. We run free, non-partisan events that breakdown complex international and domestic issues -- like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, U.S.-Cuba relations, and climate change -- and allow you to ask questions of knowledgable experts. See all our past events.

Civic Series events are educational -- we do not try to push any agenda or sides of an issue. This is why our speakers are typically university professors. Our intention is for you to leave the event with a deeper understanding of the issue so you can form a stronger, more well-informed opinion on the matter.

We believe that these kinds of discussions can help change the way people understand the world around them, therefore creating a stronger, more informed democracy, and more attentive world citizens.

The Civic Series is run by a group of dedicated volunteers in the United States and Canada. Read more...


This was a great forum that truly felt accessible. The professor did a great job breaking the issues down and addressing the foundational knowledge of the issue that many may have missed, while also emphasizing its complexity. Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for the community!

From attendee survey, Boston

As a professor and public speaker, I was so pleased to speak to your audience, 100% of whom WANT to be there, want to be informed about critical issues facing our society and our world community, and want to contribute to a meaningful discussion.

Prof. Denis Sullivan, speaker, Syria

Speaking before the CivicSeries is a genuine treat for an academic. The audience is bright, eager, inquisitive, and they ask great questions. There's a real dialogue. The CivicSeries enhances our common citizenship and is also just a lot of fun.

Prof. Maurice Cunningham, speaker, U.S. Presidential Election Process

I can't recommend going to this highly enough. What is great about this is that unlike watching the news and being fed sensationalistic bulls*#@!, you get real information without all the stuff that the media uses to make it "interesting." Go!

Abigail Taylor, attendee, Boston

I appreciated very much that everyone was fully engaged for the entire two hours, and I happily fed off the energy of the audience. It was clear that I was addressing an audience that was inquisitive, open-minded, and very much eager to learn about this opaque country called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It was a memorable evening.

Prof. Sung-Yoon Lee, speaker, Boston

I'm really looking forward to the next one! I like going to these sessions... they really make me think.

Sarah Grossman, attendee, Toronto

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